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Lynn Haven, FL, United States
Tammy received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from the University of Florida. Currently she is an Associate Professor at Gulf Coast State College. Tammy has also taught at the University of Florida in Gainsville, and abroad at Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry, India, and at the Skopelos Art Foundation in Skopelos, Greece. In addition to maintaining an active teaching schedule, Tammy is a working studio Artist. Her works can be seen at Pendland Gallery, NC, Florida Craftsman, FL, Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, OR, Iota Gallery, TX and at Lillstreet Art Center, IL. Tammy resides in Panama City, Florida with her husband Pavel Amromin and two children Pearl and Ari.

Silhouettes - Exhibition now through April 26, 2013

An intimate, yet diverse display of contemporary, figurative ceramic sculpture.  

Silhouettes - on display now through April 26th.

James Tisdale, Kensuke Yamada, Gabriel Parque, Richard Nickel, Paige Wright, Beth Lo, Debra Fritts, Melissa Mencini, Tammy Marinuzzi, Clayton Keyes, Wesley Anderegg, Richard Swanson, Zach Tate, Pavel Amromin, Derorah Rogers, Diana Farfan, Claire Curneen, Tom Bartel, Magda Gluszek, Margaret Keelan, Esther Shimazu, Andrea Keys Connell, Patti Warashina, Nan Smith, TJ Erdahl, Sunkoo Yuh, Meg Murch, Christyl Roger, Janis Mars Wunderlich

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm

Work at NCECA

Show title: Naturalization

The layered result of overlapping cultures, people and the progression of time, Houston’s cosmopolitan, nature provides fertile ground for transplants to put down roots, naturalize. In the dictionary the process by which foreign bodies adapt and integrate into an environment is defined as ‘naturalization’; the word is also used by the US Department of Immigration when referring to the process of immigration. Though the normal impulse is to maintain balance, change is our history, and people move and the energy of growth shifts from place to place. Naturalization takes place when faced with the need to reconcile adaptation with memory and learning occurs when faced with the unexpected or challenging.

The exhibit brings together seven artists from varied backgrounds; all have experienced transplantation in some form. Though the term ‘Naturalization’ is mine, each artist’s work investigates some aspect of this process; human relationships and the interaction of matter, material and earth are all subjects

 Naturalization, Ray Meeker, Nidhi Jalan, Brian Kluge, Tammy Marinuzzi, Jeff Forster, Alex Kraft, Sharbani Das Gupta. From entropy and metamorphosis to expression, these artists are directly influenced by physical and mental environments; their work reflecting ‘Naturalization’ or the process of adaptation. Organized by Sharbani Das Gupta.
Spring Street Studios 
The Show Info and location

Tammy's new work in The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft


By the bottle / by the ounce

A national juried exhibit of BOURBON BOTTLES and SHOT GLASSES

Bluegrass Bourbon
Curated by Matt Long 

Matt Long received his MFA from Ohio University and his BFA from The Kansas City Art Institute. He is current an assistant professor at the University of Mississippi. A potter for 29 years, Long has had his work in national juried and invitational shows throughout the United States. He is particularly known for his bourbon bottles and whiskey flasks. 

EXHIBITION: April 5-May 15, 2013
LOCATION: The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, Ky.

Greek inspired

Askos is the name given in modern terminology to a type of Greek vessel used to pour small quantities of liquids such as oil. They were usually painted decoratively like vases and were mainly used for storing oil and refilling oil lamps.

I fell in love with the closed form while traveling in Greece.
The work shown below is was inspired by the Askos.



Inspiring All Ages


A few months ago Carolyn Dorr wrote from the Potter's Council. She said her daughter's class had watched my video and the class planned to make works influenced by the video. 

Carolyn sent photos of the 8th graders with a note: These were the pieces to be shown at the Zanesville Museum of Art K-12 Art Show. (see work above)

Pottery Video: Gestural Handbuilt Jars pt I

Pottery Video: Gestural Handbuilt Jars pt II

Tammy's new work at NCECA - Red Lodge - Gallery Expo


New works shown at the Red Lodge Gallery Expo table at
NCECA Gallery Expo 2013

03.20.2013 – 03.23.2013March 20-23, 2013 Houston, TX


George R. Brown Convention Center

1001 Avenida de las Americas

Houston, TX 77010

Exhibit Hall B3

Tammy's work at Red Lodge Clay Center

James Tisdale Figurative Invitational 
03.01.2013 – 04.26.2013

Red Lodge Clay Center, along with James Tisdale proposed an idea from former Long-Term Resident Jonathan Fitz. The original vision for the exhibit was to fill their loft gallery with world class examples of ceramic figurative work.  

Each piece had to be under 18" tall and wall-mounted.  

The work features 40 artists, capturing a broad section of aesthetics, including artists at the top of the field, alongside quality makers who are just getting their work out.  Almost all of Red Lodge Clay Center's group exhibits feature a similar mix.

Red Lodge Clay Center is a residency program first and foremost and demonstrating the significance of art in everyday life. 

Eva Champagne GCSC Visiting Artist

Eden Adrift - with visiting artist Eva Champagne

Eden Adrift is an art exhibit from Gulf Coast State College visiting international artist Eva Champagne. The work features three formal explorations of delight and symmetry of nature's processes. Opened in November 2012, now showing in New Orleans in the Garden District.
“ ‘Eden’ can be viewed as a metaphor for balance, liveliness, gratification," Champagne said. “Looking at how nature works, it is always a series of reciprocities, that when flowing uninhibited, result in harmony.”

 Watch YouTube video about this show:

Pavel's Work at the Russell Hill Rogers Gallery I

Shown: Pavel Amromin, Ajax

Shown: Pavel Amromin, Ajax


Now - Apr 28, 2013
Russell Hill Rogers Gallery I, Navarro Campus
Free and open to the public

The ceramic artists in this exhibition, while individually distinctive, are linked by their satirical use of re-contextualized figurines in order to convey biting socio-political insight. The exhibition features Pavel Amromin, Russell Biles, Michelle Erickson, Benjamin Schulman and Linda Vallejo.